Guiding courses

Nobidome Canal course

Time required

About 1.5 hours (approx. 3.5 km)

Starting point / finishing point

Start at Niiza Station on JR Musashino Line / finish in front of Heirin-ji Temple main gate


Number of participants

Up to 30 people (Maximum of 5 people per guide.)

Registration period

From the beginning of the month two months before the desired guiding date, until two weeks before
Example: If you request a guide on June 28, registration starts on April 1


Free of charge

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Course outline

Nobidome Canal had strongly rooted in our daily lives for domestic water including drinking water from its excavation until around 1945. At present, the original role of domestic water is lost, but the water space around Nobidome Canal is integrated with surrounding historical and cultural resources including farmland, woods, homestead woodlands, and Heirin-ji Temple to form a landscape. The fresh stream enriches the plateau and people’s hearts as a symbol of Niiza City. The promenade along Nobidome Canal is full of historic sites and greens. Thus, Nobidome Canal, being one with woods conserved in the suburbs of the City, is very precious. Nobidome Canal is blended into nature along with many rich historic spots and sites, including Heirin-ji Temple. You can enjoy the scenery of all four seasons, such as Nobidome pedestrian path with fresh greens, and Honda pedestrian path which is famous for cherry blossom trees.

View of Nobidome Canal

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