Volunteer tourist guide application form

Please read the following notes carefully, upon agreement, and fill out the necessary information in the form.
If you use this application form, in principle, within three days after we receive it, you will notified as to whether or not you can use the guiding service.


  • We are very sorry, but please note that the guiding service on the grounds of Heirin-ji Temple is not currently provided.
  • Please apply from the beginning of the month two months before the desired guiding date, until two weeks before.
  • Maximum of 30 participants per application.(Maximum of 5 people per guide.)
  • In principle, we cannot provide the guiding service over lunch.
  • We may not be able to meet your request during busy periods.
  • Please note that the participants shall be responsible for injuries and all other damages sustained during the tour.

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    Desired date and time

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    The number of participants

    Adult: people(Average age years old)・Child: children

    Desired guiding course

    Meeting place on the day

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    Motivation for registration

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