About this website -Site Policy-

Operational organization

Name Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association
Address 1-1-1 Nobidome, Niiza-shi, Saitama 352-8623 (Secretariat, City Promotion Division, Niiza City Hall)
Telephone number 048-424-4686
FAX 048-479-2226


The purpose is to promote the industrial economy and tourism business in Niiza City and to contribute to the improvement of local culture.

Main businesses

・Operation of the Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association website
・Publication of various sightseeing brochures
・Cooperation with various events in the City

Site policy

The website of Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) is Niiza’s official tourist information site, which will provide easy-to-understand and enjoyable services by disseminating Niiza’s various attractions timely and aggressively.
Before using this website, please agree to the following usage policy.

1. Copyright

It shall be strictly prohibited to reproduce, divert, or sell any pages (texts, images, illustrations, etc.) posted on this website without permission of the right holders.
Copyright of the pages and programs posted on this website belongs to Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association, unless otherwise specified. In addition, the names posted on this website such as company names and product names are generally the marks or registered trademarks of the companies involved.

2. Link

Links to this website can be freely made in principle. If you would like to link to the information on any page, please put a link to the top page, because the URL can be changed. (Top page URL: http:www.niiza.net/)
If you placed a link to this website, please use the inquiry form on this website to contact our site administrator with the URL of the page on this website to which you linked.
If the contents of the link source are against laws and regulations or public policy, we may ask you to delete such link.

3. Disclaimer

The contents of the website linked from or linking to this website shall be managed and operated by each website administrator, not by Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association.
When using a Link Site, please comply with the conditions for use of each Link Site. Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association is not responsible for the contents of the Link Sites and for any damages caused by using them.

4. Personal information collection

Website users (hereinafter referred to as “users”) do not need to provide any information about themselves when viewing this website. You can freely browse this website in anonymity.
However, on the pages of “Contact” and “Volunteer Tourist Guide Application Form,” for the purpose of replying to you or confirming, you may be asked to provide your name, email address, mail address, telephone number, mobile phone number, mobile phone email address, etc.

5. Personal information use

This website administrator (Niiza City Industrial Tourism Association) shall not use the provided personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of provision.
In addition, we shall not disclose or provide it to a third party excluding circumstances in which users provide consent or as required under applicable laws and regulations.