Frequently Asked Questions Q & A


Please tell me the recommended transportation for sightseeing in Niiza City.
It is convenient to use the bus to go around the City. For a short travel, a rental cycle would be convenient. For more information, please check the access page.

Can I rent a bicycle?
Yes, bicycle rental is available. Bicycles can be freely rented and returned at a bicycle station installed at a convenience store (mainly FamilyMart).

How can I get to Niiza City?
Please check the access page.

Sightseeing information

Can I ask for a tourist guide?
In Niiza City, members of Niiza Volunteer Tourist Guide Association take you to sightseeing spots. A group of two people or more can register for the free sightseeing tour.

Can I ask for an English speaking guide?
We are very sorry, but currently we do not provide an English speaking guide.

When is the best time to view cherry blossoms and autumn leaves?
Cherry blossoms are the best from late March to mid-April, and autumn leaves from mid-November to early December.

Where is the famous place for cherry blossoms?
Riverside of the Yanase River and the Kurome River, Honda green path, Sakae green path, Atomi University, etc. are famous for cherry blossoms.

Where is the famous spot for autumn leaves?
The forest within the precincts of Heirinji Temple is popular for autumn leaves.

Are there any spot where small children can play?
In summer, children can enjoy playing with water at Jabu-jabu play pool in Nobidome Canal Park beside Furusato Niiza Hall.

Please give me taxi information.
・ Showa Traffic TEL 048-461-0059
・ Sanwa Fuji Koutsu TEL 049-274-4000

Event information

What are famous events?
Hansoubou-Taisai Festival is held at Heirinji Temple in spring. The Heirinji-Daimondori in front of Heirinji Temple is closed to traffic during the festival, which is lined up with many stalls. In summer, Awa-Odori at Oedo Niiza Festival, summer festival at Owada Hikawajinja Shrine, and fireworks at Yanasegawa Fureai Festival bring a lot of excitement. In autumn, various events are held over a long period as a citizen festival.

Gourmet and souvenirs

What are specialties (food) in Niiza City?
Vegetables such as carrots and spinach are specialties, but certified products as Niiza brand are recommended for souvenirs. For more information, please see the page of Certified Products as Niiza brand.

Where can I buy souvenirs?
You can get them at Furusato Niiza Hall, but you can also buy some of them at a convenience store on the first floor of the second building in Niiza City Hall as well as supermarkets in the City.

For companies

Where is the parking lot for sightseeing buses?
“Chikuei Hirune-no-mori Parking” is located in front of the main gate of Heirinji Temple.

Can I book a parking lot for a sightseeing bus?
Please kindly contact “Chikuei Hirune-no-mori Parking.”

Accommodation information

I want to get accommodation information.
・ Persimmon Hotel 2-20-3 Tohoku, Niiza-shi TEL 048-487-6111
・ Daily Inn 254 2-2-10 Hatanaka, Niiza-shi TEL 048-478-6611
・ Daily Hotel Niiza 2-34-13 Tohoku, Niiza-shi TEL 048-471-0611


Can I ask for sending a sightseeing brochure?
You can view and download a sightseeing brochure from the brochure download page.
If you would like us to mail you a brochure, please apply via the inquiry form.