How to use costume





Niiza City offers rental service of costume for free. Please use this service in various events in conjunction with PR for Niiza City. For using this service, please check the outline for using the costume of Niiza City image character “Zoukirin” and submit necessary documents for that.

Application process

First, please confirm the availability by telephone to Tourism Plaza of City Promotion Division in Niiza City Hall.

Then, please submit the “Application for approval of using the costume of Niiza City image Character ‘Zoukirin’.”

Application period

Three months to three days before use


  • Please note that we cannot meet your request depending on the availability.
  • Costume cannot be used for misleading activities to support or officially endorse specific individuals, organizations, political parties, religious groups, etc.

* For more information on rental, see the outline for using costume.

Usage notes


Contact for how to use Zoukirin

Tourism Plaza, Niiza City Promotion Division 
Tel: 048-477-1449
* Closed on Wednesdays, Sundays, and national holidays