Owada Hikawajinja Shrine

This is one of the oldest shrines in Niiza and a tutelary deity across the Owada area. According to the archives of the temple, it was founded in 802. The main temple is an Irimoya style, 3.3 m2 building, with stunning plain wood engravings on the surrounding walls.
“Owadabayashi” that makes appearance during the festival of this shrine is a traditional art that is dedicated by the locals at the performance of Shinto music on April 19 every year and the summer festival. Furthermore, a “naked Mikoshi” is carried out during the summer festival in July and the place is bustling with people. The naked Mikoshi is also called a “wild Mikoshi” and is a well-known feature of the Kawagoe way.

大和田囃子 裸神輿


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