Nobidome Canal

A feudal lord of Kawagoe named Matsudaira Izunokami Nobutsuna gave an order to his vassal, Yasumatsu Kinemon, to build Nobidome Canal by diverting water from Tamagawa waterworks (Kodaira City, Tokyo) in 1655 to supply drinking water to pioneers of Nobidome plateau. Currently, there is a walking trail at the periphery of the canal which is a valuable trail where people can relax and enjoy nature. Overall length is approximately 24 km and it supplied water to paddy fields in Muneoka, Shiki City.

Nobidome green path

Nobidome green path attracts many residents of the City and hikers since it is a walking trail where the flavor of Musashino area remains strong with the combination of vast woods in the grounds of Heirin-ji Temple and Nobidome Canal.



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Honda green path

Honda green path is also well known for wild cherry blossoms and Somei Yoshino Cherry in spring. There is a vast sunflower field (cornflowers in spring) in the corner of the expanse of Honda forest in the general athletic park and you can fully enjoy nature by taking a walk on the walking trail. Moreover, Nobidome Canal around here was built by an old-fashioned method, excavation without timbering.



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