Nukadoko of Tanebo

A novelty product which can be a good gift with fresh vegetables of Niiza

たね坊のぬか床  たね坊のぬか床 

The owner grew up with loving home cooking and his favorite was his mother’s Nukazuke which was popular among their neighbors.

They went through a trial and error process because they wanted young people to eat good Nukazuke as well, and they finally created a product which makes it possible to have good Nukazuke without stirring every day if it is refrigerated.

The product has already been featured in different media and has a strong enough appeal to win the gourmet prize of an online shopping site “Rakuten Market” and other prizes.

You can enjoy fresh vegetables of Niiza at home with their product – This is how we want the product to promote vegetables of Niiza as a PR ambassador and we expect this product to gain more popularity in the future.

Product information

Tax-inclusive price Shipment to other regions Best before date How to preserve
1,512 JPY per set For six months at room temperature

Information on the business operator

Name of the business operator Meiyu Syoji LLC
Address 1-6-26 Ishigami, Niiza-shi
Telephone 042-472-3275
FAX number 042-472-3270
Business hours 9 AM to 4 PM (Closed at 2 PM on Wednesdays)
Fixed holidays Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays
Parking area
たね坊のぬか床 外観  たね坊のぬか床 人