Sweet potato shochu “Shigetsukatsu”

Authentic shochu produced by being thoroughly particular about “Niiza”

さつま芋焼酎「指月喝」  さつま芋焼酎「指月喝」 

Sweet potatoes used were all Beni-azuma cultivated in Niiza City and the water used is 100% the water from a deep well in Niiza City. The yeast used is collected from rambling roses, making this shochu graceful and elegant with slight sweetness.

The label was hand-written by the late master Genryo Nonomura who was the 24th head of priest at Heirin Zen temple, and “Shigetu” means “Shigetu-an,” which is the name of the room of master Genyo Nonomura. “Katsu” means the word “Kaatsu!” which is often used in Zen Buddhism. It is the word to drive away and remove every thought and give encouragement. Saying the word is a way of wishing one’s bright and great future by eliminating suffering and confusion.

Cultivation of sweet potatoes for the product is supported by local farms, and students at Jumonji University in the City help with the shortage of ingredients to support the local economy. The way they are being very specific about Niiza makes this product very fitting for Niiza brand.

* Currently, the products are sold by Shinyu-kai, consisting of three liquor stores in the City

Product information

Shinyu-kai Tax-inclusive price Shipment to other regions Best before date How to preserve
Liquor Shop Yoshida 1,570 JPY (720ml) ・3,140 JPY (1.8L) at room temperature
Iseu Co., Ltd.
Liquor Shop Daikokuya LLC  

Information on the business operator

Name of the business operator Shinyu-kai
Liquor Shop Yoshida Iseu Co., Ltd. Liquor Shop Daikokuya LLC
Address 7-4-32 Nobidome, Niiza-shi 2-8-12 Niiza, Niiza-shi 2-1-29 Hatanaka, Niiza-shi
Telephone 048-477-1148 048-481-0101 048-477-4830
FAX number   048-478-6967  
Business hours 10 AM to 8 PM 8:30 AM to 9 PM 9 AM to 10 PM
Fixed holidays Sundays None Mondays
Parking area  

Liquor Shop Yoshida

野火止 外観  清酒「野火止」 人 

Iseu Co., Ltd.

こぶしの里 外観  こぶしの里 人 

Liquor Shop Daikokuya LLC