A product created with a thought of wanting to deliver the liveliness of the festival

にいざ囃子  にいざ囃子 

This is an original confection they have been selling for 40 years, which is a mildly sweet Japanese confectionery made of white bean paste mixed with chestnuts, covered by a shell, with sugar sprinkled.

The name “Niizabayashi” is originated from “Owadabayashi” which is a traditional art from old times that has been carried by Owada Hikawajinja Shrine, one of the oldest shrines in Niiza.

“We make the product visualizing the lively scene of the festival with musical performance,” says the owner, and the product seems to communicate his thought. This is the leading product that has been loved by the locals for a long time and is suitable for people to eat in their mouthful during fun times. You do not usually find crunchy shells in Japanese confectionery. It also seems like western confectionery and is popular among children. The product can keep for a long time, which makes it handy as a souvenir.

Product information

Tax-inclusive price Shipment to other regions Best before date How to preserve
151 JPY each For 10 days at room temperature

Information on the business operator

Name of the business operator Kikusen
Address 3-3-18-101 Niiza, Niiza-shi
Telephone 048-477-5820
FAX number 048-477-5820
Business hours 9 AM to 6:30 PM
Fixed holidays Mondays
Parking area
にいざ囃子 外観  にいざ囃子 人