Famous confection with graceful tastes which was offered to the imperial family and keeps attracting many fans

爾比久良  爾比久良 

When the Showa emperor visited the United States, the founder of the company who was sent as a Japanese confectionery maker to the United States at the time made confections with local American ingredients upon request, which is the original form of Niikura. Since then, they have been maintaining their one of a kind taste, graceful and simple shape, and a size which somehow looks heavy in an indescribable way.

The product was named after the old name “Niikura” of the Niiza area where they founded their company, and they have a strong fan base among local people as well. Many locals buy the product for gift-giving at ceremonial occasions or to people living outside the City. Niikura is one of a kind confection with unquestionable quality and trust that we can offer as a souvenir of Niiza with confidence.

* Due to relocation, the current factory is in Niiza City and the store is in Nerima district

Product information

Tax-inclusive price Shipment to other regions Best before date How to preserve
500 JPY each For five to seven days Room temperature or keep refrigerated, depending on season

Information on the business operator

Name of the business operator Daigo LLC
Address 4-5-23 Ikeda, Niiza-shi (factory)

Purchase here (store)

Address 6-28-40 Oizumigakuen-cho, Nerima-ku
Telephone 03-5947-3880
FAX number  
Business hours 9:30 AM to 7 PM
Fixed holidays Mondays and irregular holidays
Parking area
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