Chestnut zenzai monaka

Keeping the same taste and shape for years, walking the same path with Niiza City


Monaka that makes you relaxed with its elegant rounded shape and the flavor of fragrant shells, sweet bean paste, and chestnuts. This product was born in 1970, a month before Niiza City was born, and the taste and shape have not been changed since then.

Although the product cannot be ordered and sent to other regions since they do not use any preservative in this product, people who have received the product as a gift from someone come a long way to buy the product because it was delicious. A story like “a woman who moved to another place when she got married visited our shop after a long time because she missed the taste” tells how much the product is loved by the locals.

There are three kinds of sweet bean paste: red beans, Matcha, and sweet potato. Each one has one whole chestnut inside. The product is very fitting for gift-giving but is also reasonable priced for buying for yourself.

Product information

Tax-inclusive price Shipment to other regions Best before date How to preserve
198 JPY each × For four to six days Room temperature or keep refrigerated, depending on season

* The price was changed on April 4, 2016

Information on the business operator

Name of the business operator Hirano
Address 4-7-14 Ishigami, Niiza-shi
Telephone 042-471-6505
FAX number  
Business hours 8 AM to 9 PM
Fixed holidays None
Parking area ×